Cyber Solution

Cyber Solution highly support security in Mobile industry with the complete solution; offering all the functionalities of an traditional PKI tokens but in an innovative format; comprehensive solution for security.

Cyber Solution includes these items:

The solution provides comprehensive security coverage for a wide range of business applications used in core banking, Internet banking, manufacturing, dealer management, vendor management, SRMs, CRMs, shopping carts, payment gateways, etc. In fact, it can be deployed for protecting all types of web applications regardless of hardware platform, software platform, or functionality and vendor.

Cyber Desktop is a PKI enabled digital signature framework that allows signing and encryption of electronic documents that are used within an organization or personal.

It is aimed at desktop applications and enables organizations to meet their signature needs under various scenarios.

PKI is a known and trusted security technology that organizations have been using for decades to authenticate users, machines, and servers within their organizations. Expanding PKI to devices creates an easy to implement and cost effective identity management solution for devices.

Providing a safe transaction environment for your customers is key to encouraging them to use online banking services.

A comprehensive security system should be able to protect your infrastructure as well as your customers, without compromising the usability of the services or incurring huge costs in terms of time, effort and money for implementation and maintenance.

With the rapid growth of online fraud such as phishing and virus attacks, online banking comes with risks. A majority of users feel concerned about the improper use of their bank account credentials on the internet. Lack of security has a negative impact on a bank’s business and brand image. This creates a problem for banks: how to encourage people to transact online more.

Currently, the extra-net applications of E-government systems run by government authorities have gone beyond simple government information publication and are beginning to provide, by electronic means, services like online office, online approval and document circulation.