Cyber Devices

Gemalto is the leading provider of general purpose hardware security modules (HSMs) worldwide. Our SafeNet HSM product family – formerly known as Luna HSMs; represents the highest-performing, most secure, and easiest-to-integrate HSM solution available on the market today.SafeNet HSMs are purposefully designed to provide a balance of security, high performance, and usability that makes them an ideal choice for enterprise, financial, and government organizations.

Our General Purpose HSM Products:

SafeNet USB HSM – formerly Luna G5 – delivers industry leading key management in a portable appliance with an USB interface. All key materials are maintained exclusively within the confines of the hardware.

The small form-factor and on-board key storage sets the product apart, making it especially attractive to customers who need to physically remove and store the small appliance holding PKI root keys.

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SafeNet Network HSM – formerly Luna SA – is designed with the security of your cryptographic keys in mind, and is the choice for enterprises requiring strong security for cryptographic keys.

As a network-attached hardware security module (HSM), SafeNet Network HSM can be easily integrated into a wide range of applications to accelerate cryptographic operations, secure the crypto key lifecycle, and acts a root of trust for your entire encryption infrastructure.

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SafeNet PCIe HSM – formerly Luna PCI-E – can be embedded directly in an appliance or application server for an easy-to-integrate and cost-efficient solution for cryptographic acceleration and security. The high-security hardware design of SafeNet PCIe HSM ensures the integrity and protection of encryption keys throughout their life cycle.

All digital signing and verification operations are performed within the hardware security module (HSM) to increase performance and maintain security.

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Cyber Token is an auto-run token device that be used as a high security level USB key carrier of digital certificates and private key. With its built-in 32-bit smartcard chip, it can provide fast identity authentication and data encryption service to realize functions, such as e-mail encryption, digital signature, identity authentication, secure key management and transmission dispatcher.

The Cyber FIDO U2F token/card is a specially designed FIDO U2F authenticator relying on high-security, public-key cryptography to any website that supports the FIDO U2F protocol, such as Gmail, Google Apps, GitHub, Dropbox, SalesForce. Meanwhile, Cyber FIDO U2F doesn’t require any client software, middleware or traditional CA (certificate authority) mechanism. One Cyber FIDO U2F token/card could be applied in multiple online working environment and it is high security level and easy-to-manage identity authentication product.